5 Best Women Safety Android Apps for Every Women


5 Best Women Safety Android Apps: Women safety is one of the most important thing in our country in india. Everyday womens are facing problems on Violations, molestation, teasing or crime these infamous scandals are now carried out in broad daylight which has discouraged the boldness of girls to steer out.

So in this article we will be discuss about “5 Best Women Safety Android Apps For Every Women” Must Should have installed in their android device. So, lets start to the first app:-

5 Best Women Safety Android Apps

1. Smart24x7-Personal Safety App

Smart24x7-Personal Safety App
Smart24x7-Personal Safety App
Developer: Smart24x7
Price: Free
  • Smart24x7-Personal Safety App Screenshot
  • Smart24x7-Personal Safety App Screenshot

Smart24x7 has introduced a personal safety & security app for personal & business use that alerts emergency contacts with your GPS location. This has the SOS electronic messaging service that directly transmits the user’s message to the selected and approved contacts. This app enables the old cities to turn Smart City.

Whenever you are in emergency Just follow three easy steps :-
1) Press the Panic button.
2) Select the type of services required.
3) Click Submit and you are done.

Download Smart24x7 –  Personality Safety App

2. Nirbhaya

Nirbhaya - an SOS App
Nirbhaya - an SOS App
  • Nirbhaya - an SOS App Screenshot
  • Nirbhaya - an SOS App Screenshot

“Nirbhaya” is another safety app for indian womens. You can quickly activate just by pressing the button once on you mobile phone. In this app you can customize the activation and alert, such as to shaking, touching a button and sending an alert by note or call or sms in the Nirbhaya mobile app for free.

This app required the data plan and GPS functioning of you mobile phone. So that it can actively running. This app also addresses the users place after every 2 hours or at a change of 300 metersfrom arrivals.

Download Nirbhaya App

3. Secure Her App

Secure Her App

“Secure Her App” talking about the females security, it protects in panic conditions. This is one of the best application for womens who travels daily from home to college, school or anywhere. It will protect women at every situation.

How it Works:-

Double tapping the app icon responds to the distress message with a call. The app will send a message and call to the alternate mobile number.

Download Secure Her App

4. VithU: V Gumrah Initiative

VithU is the most common emergency app for you. It’s activated as soon as you press the power key on your mobile phone for 2 times. It will send alert data to the user’s emergency connections every 2 minutes.

The message says to your contacts “I am in danger. I want help. Follow my mentioned location. Besides this, the application gives the link of user’s place in every 2 minutes by using the gps location to your contacts on every 2 minutes when you pressing the power button 2 times.

Download VuthU: V Gumrah Initiative  App

5. RideSafe

RideSafe Android App Download

RideSafe” app is a different and unique idea android and ios app designed for womens in our country India. RideSafe take care your safety while traveling in a cab, taxi or auto like OLA or UBER, by automatically identifying a risk in your route to your stop. it informs to all your chosen connections while you are in in danger. So, this is another best apps for you.

If you want to use this app then only require to setup your address on this app and considered the different paths of you place. So that if driver alternated any route then it will notify you and provided you the right route.

This mobile app informs your picked contacts about the start of your trip, and your arrival at the destination, via SMS for FREE of cost.”RideSafe” works efficiently in any cab or taxi, private or official, anywhere in the division.

Download RideSafe Android App



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